Photographed by Stephen Sullivan

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Smokin’ crystal embraces the next phase for men as oversized squares get massively COOL… again.

REED from Spy Optic

One Small Step for MANkind

Can downsized dignity be the next big thing? Only a designer as smart as John Varvatos would know for sure. Details please: the bridgework, scrolled tear ducts and incrementally perfect pewter placements on the temples and temple tips.

JOHN VARVATOS V351 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

The Tortoise and the Man

Not black. Not metal. Not always mentioned, but absolutely supreme: The Havana coloration is an absolute favorite with ALL men. And with good reason: It works well with any complexion. In its multiple variations (powerfully portrayed with the pictured styles), it suits a plethora of lifestyle situations, and no matter what the brand or shape, there is a tortoise lurking and ready for action on any man—young or old, brazen or mild.

From top: JOE BY JOSEPH ABBOUD 4021 from Altair Eyewear; Vintage 6 from Norman Childs Eyewear; Alexander McQueen 4206 from Sàfilo USA; Eddie Bauer 8268 from New York Eye

Half 'n' Half

Sky-speckled tortoise tops off a crystal blue hue as one of eyewear's hottest color trends takes this slightly oversized frame and makes its message more face manageable.

Biggu 731 from Menizzi Eyewear

Gold is my CoPilot

Keep that aviator obvious for sun styles as the square pilot shape dictates a richer Rx heritage. And please note the detail work on the brow bar taking a flight of fancy.

STETSON 293 from Zyloware

Optical (Trail) Blazer

Wood-like striations matched to brush metal stems and chino-toned temples give this pair of specs the classic appeal of a men's sport blazer matched up to casual chinos. That small metal detail on the frame front? Consider it a classy opti-lapel-pin.

HICKEY FREEMAN Cape Cod from Signature Eyewear

Task Masters

Men are traditionally sticklers for detail. They might want to shop and scout extremely fast but if you present an object with fine and finessed detailing, their attention span immediately broadens and abounds with careful and fastidious timing. Note especially frame rim engraving, detailed and seamless weld spots, and inner brand identification bearing secret allegiance to lifestyle and fashion faithfulness.

From top: BurbErry 1225 from Luxottica; 11 GRAMS from Sama; Marius Morel 1880 2072M from Morel

Everything Under the Sun

Sunwear is quite often the initial inroad to a man's heart and soul when it comes to eyewear. Increasingly, there's a sun style to match up or complement any man's taste and tasks from life to lifestyle and work to play. Men's sunwear also plays game supreme in its ability and agility in terms of impact even on women's sunglass fashion. Paying close attention to the hot and current stock you stake in sun specs will do you no harm, and all good when it comes to presenting the shade situation to BOTH genders.

From left: TRU TRUSSARDI 12912 from Charmant Group; ORIGINAL Penguin "The Clancy" from Kenmark Group; REVS01 from Revolution Eyewear;Evatik 1023 from WestGroupe; ADVENTURER AVIATOR 8657 from Silhouette Optical

Size Counts

Be ready, willing and able with an array of frames sized in a variety of vertical depths ranging from shallow, narrow blinkers (forever popular and now considered conservative) to brash and boldly SQUARE, eyewear's newest "old-looks-bold" for men. Doubters? Please refer to this issue's cover and the bottom frame featured here.

From left: HELIUM PARIS 4201 from Match Eyewear; BODY GLOVE 507 from FGX International; ARROW 124 from Nouveau Eyewear; PERRY ELLIS 318 from Eyewear Designs; COLE HAAN 228 from ClearVision Optical

Instant Hall of Fame Frame

There is nothing out there quite like THIS. Such a creative interpretation of legendary men's eyewear standards such as the double brow bar, tortoise and a sturdy upsizing assure no one takes it for anything but Gant at its best.

GANT BY MICHAEL BASTIAN Copley from Viva International Group

True Blue

We AZURE you, blue is the new black for men and when it comes to variations on a color, this eyewear goes from done-deep to just-right-light.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 2626 from Marchon Eyewear

P3 Club

Does this frame have it all when it comes to men or what? In our PROfessional opinion: Yup.

ESSENTIAL 1713 from ProDesign Denmark

Tech Spec

Carbon fiber is not just the latest buzz bonus when it comes to honing in on men and their continued quest for high-tech materials and quality construction uncompromised by excessive weight. Always a staple of the aerospace arena and long a factor in the construction of components for motorsport (specifically the pinnacle of Formula One racing), carbon fiber is now a full force factor in eyewear. Field it in that same brew of titanium when it comes to "peeking" the interest of any male consumer. Most men even know it via its distinctive checkered-layer look and cool-to-the-touch feel.

From top: ORVIS Beaverfoot from The McGee Group; KONISHI KL3682 from Clariti Eyewear; TURA 115 from Tura; WIRED 6024 from Avalon Eyewear

Simple Twist of Fate

Legend in terms of coloration, Colors in Optics explores some new territory for the brand and immediately rules this new flat metal roost.

SANFORD HUTTON Turbo from Colors in Optics

The Right to Bear Metal

Some massive trends banding about with full-metal frames these days:
• Expect to spec numerous styles going for that "clubmaster" balance of thicker top treatment layered on top of sleek wire surrounds (always a sounder choice than the more delicate proposition of semi-rimless).
• Embrace that tidal wave of flat metals, a complete counterpart to such boy-toys as watches, sport cars, cutting instruments and minimalist tools.
• Mix-mastering with metal gives men the far easier choice of going for a frame incorporating both gold AND silver.

From top: Michael Ryen 184 from Europa International; CAZAL 7034 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra/Palm Optical; QUIKSILVER 3670 from A&A Optical

Light Up a Havana

Inhale the power of tortoise: so simple, so self-assured.

SERAPHIN Dayton from Ogi Eyewear

Exclusive Club

In any guise the frame fulfilling a mix of zyl and metal in a traditional clubman or clubmaster configuration evokes absolute dedication and adoration with male consumers. Don't fight that tendency. Join the club. Historical tidbit: The style actually evolved from military officers looking for a compromise hedged in the brew of their total zyl Rx spectacles and their all metal "pilot" style sunglasses.

From top: MATSUDA 3022-P from Matsuda Eyewear; HIDALGO from Lafont; 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Mister from Modo Eyewear; ENGLISH LAUNDRY BY CHRISTOPHER WICKS Moz from Zimco Optics; WILLIAM MORRIS LONDON 6904 from Classique Eyewear