ImageWear, a division of Walman Optical, introduces London Fog Sunwear targeted to men and women 20 years old and older. Included are 10 women’s plastics, three men’s metals and two plastic unisex designs, all with polarized lenses. Shapes range from classic aviators to fashionable oversized silhouettes that are all Rx-friendly. Frame colors include dark red, chocolate brown, jet black, tortoise and marbled treatments, some accented with metallic embellishments. Lenses are offered in brown and gray.


PHILOSOPHY: “The new London Fog Sunwear collection is ideal for the individual who wants a fresh, sophisticated look,” says Belinda Bellows, ImageWear’s director of product design. “London Fog Sunwear fills a crucial void with a perfect combination of aspirational, attainable and functional design, three driving factors that influence purchasing.”

MARKETING:  A countercard featuring supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and a three-place display are available.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact ImageWear, (800) 414-7656;

London Fog is dedicated to offering customers high-quality, affordable eyewear. Brazil-born model Alessandra Ambrosio is no stranger to this type of fashion. The Victoria’s Secret angel takes her sexy, stylish look off the runway to support London Fog, offering customers sunwear at an excellent price point.