The title of this column is from “A Streetcar Named Desire.” My favorite line ever from any play. Now, I’m not suggesting you make the tortured soul of Blanche DuBois part of an ongoing epitaph toward success, but for me that correlation of knowledge to fulfillment has long been a key to the process I use to get where I’m going.

I’m addicted to magazines. (I’m also addicted to music and cars, and it is interesting that those two passions have also been conflicted by current global warnings but you’d need me chatting one-on-one to go there.) I’ve made this point about my passion before on these pages and also spend a considerable amount of verbiage and energy expounding the virtues of peripheral info-delivery increasingly augmenting the world of communication.

As a brand solidly established in the magazine print media this 20/20 in your hands right now has used its history and leadership position well. We are the number-one magazine in the optical arena. But the challenge today is maintaining that position with a presence in every possible and potential avenue of info delivery ranging from our web site at, at and our tweets at (because of the instant presence of every tweet on our web site’s home page 20/20 is now your source for the most timely info on eyewear trends, events AND news... all in bursts of 140 characters).

So my magazine obsession has given me the opportunity to be a participant in the biggest communication revolution since Gutenberg fired up that first printing press. And that multiple array of delivery has given YOU the chance to have valued info delivered in a virtually (good word that, here) limitless range of mediums.

I’m still liking my magazines. I read countless copies of both music and automobile mags every month. But I also access vast sources of web sites, tweets and retail environments on those same pet passions every day in EVERY way.

So dig into this issue wherever you like and know we are here for all of your optical information needs. Do you think you’d be interested in a 20/20 hand lettered and illustrated by monks? We could probably do that too.

James J. Spina