Photographed By Stephen Mark Sullivan

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A new force sparks optical, and this sun shade clubs a soaring home run with a swing of serious stylishness right off the bat. We scouted the early action and feel this player is going to be an instant club leader, so to speak.

ROBERT GRAHAM Princeton from Revolution Eyewear

Many Are Culled...

But... Armani is chosen. Likely EVERYONE would and could look good in this classic Armani facial statement.

GIORGIO ARMANI Frames of Life 8007 from Luxottica

Eye Want You To Want THESE

When John Varvatos looks in a mirror, does he realize he's actually a total rock star?! This style suns it all up as far as we're concerned. The House of Varvatos is a masterful Sun House.

JOHN VARVATOS V791 UF from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

Dare We Say It... Dare We See It

Accessory branding, especially with sunwear is on the verge of a SURGE. Ah, well... as they say... Tod's Entertainment.

TOD'S 0079 from Marcolin USA

Clash of the (Sun) Titans

A metal brow element takes a midnight run through noir-Havana, all the while having a brush with black on the temples. Great Scott, this is quite a story. Mission accomplished.

SCOTT HARRIS SUN 05 from Europa International

Hit That Mute Button

There's a time for subtle color, a hint of brow-manship in the style and the quietest take on a temple as a flower petal... and that time is... NOW.

SERAPHIN Ravoux from Ogi Eyewear

What a Rush

The sunwear brand that defined an era (Have you seen the movie “Rush” with its impeccable-yet-powerful take on the greatest Grand Prix racing duel of the '70s?) defies being labeled anything but... timeless.

CARRERA 5003 from Sàfilo USA

Your Pale Blue Eyes

Round about now your mind wanders to a place where minimal matters but with a statement that imparts BIG impact.

ADVENTURER AVIATOR 8659 from Silhouette

Freeze Frame

A new force arrives in eyewear and sunwear. G-Star is ingenious with small white sizing numbers on the outside of the temple, knurled screw details connoting rivets and sublimating watch controls. The blacks in particular in this collection have the look of... black ice, and the face-to-frame proportions seize the future with design leadership. That's STAR power.

G-STAR RAW 603S from Marchon Eyewear

Frame of the Artist

Colors in Optics' designer Sanford Hutton is often copied but NEVER duplicated. The unique look of this sun style shows why that's so via shape, dimension and the genius interplay of both flat and rounded surfaces.

SANFORD HUTTON Madison CS249 from Colors in Optics