As with the issue in hand, you can see it in sports and on the streets and in the ever-so-stylish fashion magazines but NOWHERE does eyewear have the iconic status it possesses in music. Take these recent issues of Rolling Stone and Q. Avowed eyewear icon Elton John is seriously spec’ed in Rapp Opticals from l.a. Eyeworks while former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher decides to face the world with his new group, Beady Eye through the shaded reflection of a pair of cateye suns from Tom Ford. Elton’s got that HOT flat bridge thing going and Liam might be the first in a renewed wave of male rockers pushing decidedly lady-like frames, a trend started way back when by Rolling Stone Keith Richards and subsequently New York Doll Johnny Thunders.
—James J. Spina

Just wanted to dip back a few months to back up the 20/20  Parting Glance music theory presented here with our December Men’s Eyewear cover featuring Lafont’s Ray Khalil in, of course, Lafont’s Jazz Club style.