ic! berlin presents a children’s eyeglass collections, consisting  of seven Rx frames and four sunglasses. The ophthalmic frames are inspired by actual children between the ages of seven and 12. The children—Clara, Gini, Merle, Pascal and Tugay—selected shapes and colors and then tested and rated the glasses. The kids’ sunglasses are inspired by bestselling styles in the adult collection. The frames are made of spring steel and/or acetate and are lightweight (10 to 16 grams), flexible, high-quality and virtually indestructible. The acetate frames are offered in lavender, rust and turquoise; the metals come in gunmetal, matte copper and pearl; and the sunglasses are chrome colored. Such slogans as “kids rule” and “holidays forever” are engraved on the temples.

PHILOSOPHY: “The ic! berlin children’s collection features everything you have come to expect from us—no screws, no twisted joints, no compromises,” says ic! berlin. “We have also avoided any frippery (which kids wouldn’t find cool anyway) because modern kids have taste, just like us.”

MARKETING:  Frames come with an audio book, “Tales from Schlumperwald,” while supplies last.

PRICE POINT: $$$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact ic! berlin America, (866) 634-8990; web site: www.ic-berlin.de

The ic! berlin temples are flexible and can be individually adjusted (shortened or bent) by ECPs.