i-dealoptics has added two styles sized expressly for tweens to its SunTrends polarized sunwear collection. Both sunglasses are made of plastic and feature straight skull temples; the ST-900 is also equipped with bendable plastic temple tips. Frame colors include blue-purple and brown on the ST-901 and pearlescent colors of black, brown and gray on the ST-900.

PHILOSOPHY: “SunTrends polarized sunwear makes quality eye protection an affordable necessity not just a luxury,” says i-dealoptics vice president of marketing Matt Weingarden. “These new styles have been released in sizes and colors perfectly fashioned for active tweens.”

Countercards are available. Each sunglass comes with a hard case.

$. For additional information, contact i-dealoptics, (800) 758-6249;
web site: www.i-dealoptics.com

TIP: SunTrends is well established as a sun brand for adults that offers fashionable protection at affordable price points.