HOYA VISION CARE announced the upcoming launch of the Visionary Alliance, a re-imagined loyalty program for independent eyecare professionals that will further develop these “Visionaries,” as Hoya calls them, based upon their unique business needs. The Visionary Alliance will provide independent ECPs:

  • A visionary community for Hoya customers around the world.
  • A place for independent ECPs to feel connected to a network of knowledge, including tools and support.
  • A program to strengthen their independence and support them in running their businesses their way.
  • A place to earn rewards with industry-leading marketing growth and tiered point programs for qualifying ECPs.
“The Visionary Alliance is much more than a loyalty program,” says Patrick McCarthy, ECP channel vice president at Hoya Vision Care. “It is a truly breakthrough program designed with and for our customers with a common goal—to offer comprehensive professional resources within a vibrant community of independent ECPs who want to build, grow and run their businesses their way. It’s unlike any other in the vision industry, and we are very proud of that.”


Hoya said its investments in the Visionary Alliance, Hoya Hub and the Hoya Learning Center are three central service pillars that ECPs receive from Hoya Vision Care. These three core services are available to customers via a single sign-on (SSO) portal that is unique to the industry.

Enrollment for the Visionary Alliance started June 2, 2021. Eyecare providers who would like to receive priority access to the Visionary Alliance can visit visionaryalliance.com or talk to their local Hoya territory sales manager.

–Andrew Karp