From the opening bell, 20/20 came out swinging and hitting hard at this issue’s “Get Some Sun” photo shoot which I attended as guest editor-in-chief. The feature showcased this season’s hottest sunwear styles with everything from cateye-aviator hybrids to some looks nodding straight to steampunk. The rock music blaring in the studio was only softened once for a quick staff karaoke sing-along to “Desperado” by The Eagles. Besides the great tunes, the fashion-forward trends kept hearts pounding and feet dancing through more than 10 rounds of knockout eyewear and wardrobe changes. I watched amazed as 20/20’s James Spina effortlessly penned clever and creative puns for each look right on the spot in a signature shoot book used to record the captured images. Since I was only there for the main event of the shoot, I didn’t get to see the preparation and planning the staff endures for weeks prior, but I can tell you they made it all look easy like championship fighters do—floating through big matches, undeterred and loving the challenge. It feels great to get the opportunity to meet, work and learn from the real tough cookies who work at 20/20. Their passion and dexterity really knock me out. And I too am up for the challenge of serving as guest editor-in-chief so… Fire away.

—Cheryl Murphy