Hilco introduces a line of LeaderMax kids fashion frames designed with children’s habits in mind. The collection includes two hand-cut plastic laminates and eight metals with full titanium eye wires and titanium memory metal temples and bridge. Lightweight, impact resistant and durable, the frames are equipped with silicone nosepads, Safe-Lok locking screws and the company’s patented SprinGuard lens retention system to protect the wearer’s eyes during impact. Shapes are predominantly variations on ovals and rounded rectangles and are available in such colors as brown, blue, burgundy, rose and forest green.

PHILOSOPHY: “Children are the most vulnerable eyeglass wearers,” says Bob Nahmias, Hilco president. “LeaderMax is not a replacement for approved sports eye protection, which is also a fast-growing business for Hilco. But, many kids’ eye injuries occur away from the playing field. That’s where LeaderMax stands alone. And, unlike most sports eye protectors, LeaderMax is great looking and incredibly comfortable so kids love wearing them.”

MARKETING: Merchandising options include a 10-place rotating display, five-place easel back display, Plexi easel, shelf talker, acrylic logo plaque and catalog. Frames come packaged in a colorful micro-fiber cloth pouch. A drawstring backpack is offered with each frame purchased through December 31, 2007. Frames are sold individually and in five- and 10-piece pre-selected assortments.

PRICE POINT: $$. For additional information, contact Hilco, (800) 955-6544; web site: www.hilco.com

While not intended for sports or industrial safety use, LeaderMax frames, according to Colts laboratories, have been confirmed to withstand levels of impact energy compatible to Z87 industrial safety eyewear when fitted with 1.5mm polycarbonate lenses.