Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD
Still Photography: NED MATURA

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COLORS (at its best) IN OPTICS

Crayola as a brand in children’s eyewear teamed with Colors in Optics. How perfect is that?! Even the colors match the Crayola palette as do the color names. This 20/20 cover is a perfect matchup for sure.

CRAYOLA 123 from Colors in Optics

The Silver and Gold Brush

Metal will forever make a demand stand in eyewear for boys and girls. And that burnished finish brings it to a new, modern moment.

From left: TMX BY TIMEX Flipshot from Kenmark Group; NINE WEST 1003 by Marchon Eyewear

From top: PAWS ‘N’ CLAWS 615 from Eyedeals International; SELIMA FOR CREWCUTS Scout from Selima Optique; IZOD BOYS 610 from ClearVision Optical; TC CHARTON ASIAN FIT Adrian from Prologue Vision

Club Girl

Need we say more? The hot adult clubman style translates to one of the hottest kid frames of the season.

DB4K Hipster from Europa International

Prep School

He loves his P3. So do we. And… so does the world these days. Preppy is the once and future eyewear shape icon.

Y-SPORT BY DAKOTA SMITH Genius from Signature Eyewear

From top: PEACE Solid from i-dealoptics; ESPRIT KIDS 17373 from Charmant Group; KONISHI KS1631 from Clariti Eyewear; WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE 011 from Revolution Eyewear

Strong Sense of Self

The days of generic, interchangeable unisex styling are total ancient history. Boys and girls want frames that make striking statements about every aspect of a child’s personality and identity. These frames proudly clarion that pride of eyewear ownership for both him and her.

From left: FLOAT KIDS 35 from Match Eyewear; POUR LES ENFANTS Ilona from Lafont


Call in the cateye and make some gal magic as marvelous marble red fades richly into a tortoise tone.

OGI KIDS 300 from Ogi Eyewear

From top: K12 KA4073 from Avalon Eyewear; SPX ART KIDS 4242 from Silhouette Optical; OIO 830026 from Tura; ECO KIDS 513 from Modo Eyewear

From top: JUICY COUTURE 901 from Sàfilo USA; PEZ Jump Rope from A&A Optical; VIVID BOUTIQUE Petite 6006 from Vivid Eyewear; SIGHT FOR STUDENTS 4003 from Altair Eyewear

Coloring Book

Kids beat adults to this trend by a zillion miles: COLOR! And… it works in most any shape from geek to sleek with a nifty two-tone clubman thrown in for good measure.

From left: GEEK Rad 09 Jr. from LBI; CONVERSE Zoom from Rem Eyewear; MENIZZI MA2096K from Menizzi Eyewear

From top: VERA BRADLEY GIRLFRIENDS Katrina from The McGee Group; HELLO KITTY 215 from Eyewear Designs; VEGGIETALES 3014 from Eyes of Faith Optical; NICKELODEON VICTORIOUS Spotlight from Nouveau Eyewear

Narrow Road Ahead

This sleek, slim and nifty elongated horizontal takes any boy to the best blue horizon. Look around: Boys love this frame shape almost as much as they love the thought of one day owning a Harley.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON WILD CHILD 407 from Viva International Group