Some might think it inevitable. My dear five-year-old son now wears glasses.

I don’t want to bog this particular space down with complex details of his diagnosis. Suffice to say, he has perfect vision hampered by an ocular motor delay. It is difficult for him to keep his eyes working together as a team. Special lenses help by doing some of that hard work for him. There will be some dedicated vision therapy in his near future but a more immediate challenge loomed. Gram fidgets… Big Time. He is meticulous with his toys—Thomas The Tank Engine trains and Hot Wheels and Legos—but while pondering the meaning of life at five, he’ll twist and twirl whatever’s close at hand and his glasses are pretty close.

Surprisingly, he took to wearing his new glasses with no complaints. BUT his method for putting them on bordered on brutish. He’d pull the temples as wide as possible and coil the end-pieces hard against the back of his ears. Then, in a flash he’d slam the front of the frame up against his face with palms imprinted against the lenses in a technique best described as smush-begets-smudge. And finally, after countless lessons from Daddy-O (learned from countless photo shoots of eyewear on models) he deftly and delicately places his forefinger lightly against the bridge and meticulously slides the glasses to the peak of his as-yet-undeveloped bridge. And then the fidgets begin. Tweaks. Squeezes. Taps. Thumping. You name it. He does it. But low and behold, in this present and precious day of quality eyewear that’s just right for kids’ play, Gram’s glasses win the fight. And that means THIS optical mission toward better vision is on track.

Oh. Almost forgot. No one ever calls him “four eyes.” In fact, most of his (class) mates seem to envy his frame fame. As Gram would say… AWESOME.