He’s an old-school debonair with refined tastes, she’s a contemporary woman making a confident statement everywhere she goes. What’s connecting their worlds? Eyewear, of course.

–Jillian Urcelay

Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson

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Golden Great Bridge

The ever-so-slightly squished “round” P3 in metal spans the whole new specs season.


Square Dance

It’s back! The defining square, suitably sized and then softened by a dramatic blue diving into a rich earthy fade.

BON VIVANT Benedict from Ogi Eyewear

Toot Your Horn

Elegance takes a turn for the best with this incredible Men’s Club (with the upper brows in horn) from Teka.

TEKA 166 from Teka Eyewear

EYE’ll have a black and white

With peaks top and bottom on both sides, Lafont proves black and white are the noir and bright face solution. Voila!

ANEMONE from Lafont

Free ’n’ Spirited

Independence comes at a price, and that price is style and inventiveness and the drive to be daring.

CINZIA 5076 from Europa International

Split Personality

A dash of tortoise turns this crystal masterpiece into a winning combination of a clubman and a fade.

EVATIK 9155 from WestGroupe

Jewelry Box

Rubies. Gold. She observes the richness and the rightness and acknowledges the unique vision of Derek Lam.

DEREK LAM 281 from Modo

An “Indy” Edge to It

Razored slate-blue metal flat out whispers class of a surprisingly independent distinction. (And remember: you don’t have to be small to be independent. You just need to be… Independent.)

CANALINO from Safilo


Well it’s been totally re-imagined and even better than you remember.

CALVIN KLEIN 5461 from Marchon Eyewear

Club Mistress

The women’s take and shape that redefines a clubman combo as a distinct and of-the-moment… ClubWoman.

LEON MAX 4047 from Zyloware