Slam Dunk — Seven-foot tall superstar center Andrew Bynum (1) of the L.A. Lakers wears Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Eyewear  EHS012 from Revolution Eyewear

CSEyeMelina Kanakaredes (2), who plays Detective Stella Bonasera on the hit CBS drama “CSI: NY,” wears Loree from Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama Eyewear

Marchon Madness — Look who’s wearing Marchon: Steve Carell (3) of “The Office” looking boss in Karl Lagerfeld KL103S; Ben Foster (4), who appeared in the film “3:10 to Yuma” in ck Calvin Klein ck2080s; Kate Beckinsale (5) of the soon-to-be-released movie “Winged Creatures,” in Michael Kors St. Tropez style; James Marsden (6), who plays Scott Summers in the “X-Men” flicks, in Karl Lagerfeld KL610S and veteran actor Shaun Toub (7) in Calvin Klein Collection in CK911S

Around the Globe — The Ray-Ban aviator style RB3025 from Luxottica has been doing a little globetrotting. Singer Alicia Keys  (8) wears the sunglass at the BET launch party in London while actress Kate Hudson (9) was spotted wearing the aviator arriving at the Regal Lincoln Theatre in Miami

Desperately Seeking
Ricardo Chavira (10), who plays Carlos on “Desperate Housewives,” wears the Incognito from Sama Eyewear..

Rocket ManElton John (11) (that’s Sir Elton to you and me) wears Chromes Hearts Filled from Optical Shop of Aspen.

—Jackie Micucci