Gunnar Optiks presents its Digital Performance Eyewear Indoor Collection. Included are 15 styles specifically engineered to improve performance, visual acuity, visual endurance and the overall viewing experience for people spending extended time in front of a computer screen and in fluorescent light environments. Lenses are made of diAMIX, which combines the durability and impact resistance of polycarbonate with the clarity and control of crown glass. Gunnar’s patent-pending i-AMP lens technology features advanced geometry tuned for specific distances and is the result of intensive study and research on the human optical system and its interaction with digital devices. The amber tint and coating combo gives the best enhancement of contrast while minimizing screen glare and the overabundance of high energy visible light typical in computing indoor environments. Gunnar eyewear comes in both plano and prescription versions.

Photographed by Ken Lee/Black Box Studio


Two 16-place displays are available (one countertop and one floor) that incorporate a flush, front-mounted LCD screen displaying digital content to educate patients and perform product demonstrations. Posters, countercards, dealer kit, technical brochures and consumer brochures are also available.


“The evolution and physiology of the human vision system cannot maintain pace with the rapid acceleration rate of digital consumption. Gunnar’s i-AMP lens technology, combined with sophisticated frame styles, helps the digital generation overcome the limitations associated with the eye by improving visual endurance, performance and productivity while engaged with digital devices,” says Rob Aarnes, Gunnar president.

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The Gunnar Outdoor Collection uses either a gradient gold or gradient gray lens tint and is ideal for navigation screens, digital dashboards, avionics, SMARTphones and outdoor computer use.