As co-owner of Atlanta Vision Optical, Gazal Tabrizipour is well-versed in all aspects of the modern optical practice: from filling prescription lenses for a fashion-forward community to fitting custom contact lenses. With a clear passion for the eyecare industry, it’s no surprise that Tabrizipour developed a high-end eyewear collection as well. Initially launched in 2014, Tabrizipour debuted her collection, Gazal Eyewear, with the release of 14 frames followed by an additional six optical and sun styles early in 2015. “Eyes are the doorway to the soul, and one can tell a lot about someone’s character through them,” says Tabrizipour. “I have always loved fashion, especially shoes. Just like any other girl that shares this passion, I love to accessorize and what better accessory than eyewear?” Together with her husband Saeed, the duo run their company, model the products and manage the distribution. To develop the collection, Tabrizipour and her husband traveled the world seeking out the rarest materials in order to create unique designs. “We broke everything down and found out who fabricates the best hinges, the best acetate, metals, leather and other materials,” says Tabrizipour. It is clear to 20/20 that with this extensive researched coupled with passion and experience, Gazal Eyewear finds the delicate balance between edgy yet clean designs.

—Patrisha Holly Zabrycki

PHILOSOPHY:  “Today, eyewear is jewelry,” says Gazal Tabrizipour, designer and co-owner of Atlanta Vision Optical. “The eyes are the first thing that everyone looks at. A person’s eyes can communicate their personality, mood and make or break that crucial first impression.”

MARKETING: Assorted merchandising materials are available, including black logo plaques with the gold Gazal logo, clear demo lenses and sun lenses with each frame. Each frame comes with a cleaning cloth and either a red or tan case.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Gazal Eyewear, (404) 729-3330;

In addition to designing her eponymous eyewear collection, Tabrizipour also extends the brand’s logo by incorporating it into the design of an exclusive jewelry piece (shown here).