Under a worldwide licensing agreement, Gripping Eyewear Inc. (GEI) launches the first Paris Hilton Sunglass collection. Included are 12 styles that reflect the many factors of Paris—from Red Carpet glamour to classic sophistication to casual and playful everyday wear. Each style is available in three to four colors coordinated with patented lens wraps and magnetic visor clips. All of the sunglasses feature magnets on the temples with iconic references to Paris. The magnets allow the glasses to be secured to almost any metal surface, including the visor clips and displays.

Photographed by Ken Lee/Black Box Studio

“It’s no secret I adore sunglasses and I’m incredibly excited to finally have a collection of my own,” says Paris Hilton. Jimmy Jongeblood, president and CEO of GEI, adds: “Paris personally worked with our designers on each concept and closely directed the look of the sunglasses. She prides herself on knowing her fan base and wants to meet their every expectation. This brand represents beauty, elegance and an exquisite fashion sense—the sunglass collection embraces these values with the quality, technology and production expertise of GEI.”

Merchandising materials include visor clips, sunglass lens wraps, made of high-fashion fabrics that only wrap the lenses (various options are available), patented sunglass stands, in-store displays, two- and four- piece leather gift boxes, posters and countercards.

$$ to $$$. For additional information, contact Gripping Eyewear, (800) 400-0166; web site: www.grippingeyewear.com

Paris Hilton is an American socialite, heiress, media personality, model, singer, author, fashion designer and actress, who enjoys iconic celebrity status around the world.