Much like Green Day, the juvenile rock band formed in 1987 as part of the punk rock scene in Berkeley, Calif. and still hot today, the color green has staying power. It’s a fashion mainstay. A little bit retro. A lot modern. And very now in its political correctness, green has long been a favorite of top eyewear designers.

Photographed by KAREN SCHULD
Clockwise from far left: LUCKY BRAND Anthem from Rem Eyewear; VAHINE from Lafont; RALPH LAUREN 8022 from Luxottica Group

  • Green provides contrast in low light and reduces eye strain in bright light.
  • Green is a standard multi-use color for everyday wear.
  • Green can slightly skew how color is perceived. The amount of change varies depending on whether the lens is more gray/green or green/gray.
  • Dark green makes an excellent all-around outdoor base tint.