Gray is a cool color that’s heating up the fashion world. From eyewear to clothes to home furnishings, gray is the style maxim this season. A neutral, balanced color, it’s sophisticated and conservative. Lighter tones stand in for white without being too stark and darker tones for black with less somberness. Taupe, a gray-brown hue, lends a slightly earthy, warm cast to this versatile color. Smoky, cloudy grays enhance a feeling of mystery and intrigue. Whatever the shade, gray is hot.

Photographed by KAREN SCHULD

Clockwise from far left: ROBERT MARC 587 from ROBERT MARC; VERA WANG 213 from Couteur Designs/A Division of Kenmark Group; CATHERINE DENEUVE LUNETTES 239 from Viva International Group; STAFFAN PREUTZ DESIGN 761 from Italee; EDWARD BEINER MIAMI 11th Street from EBX Optik

  • Light grays with pastel shades of pink, blue, lavender and green have a feminine quality. Darken those colors for a more masculine feel
  • Gray with hot pink is a little retro.
  • Cool a warm palette by adding gray to rich reds or golden yellows.
  • Gray paired with white or crystal has a cloudy, moody appeal.