Spanish Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso seems set on shaking up the Grand Prix world anew this season as he once again poises his Scuderia Ferrari via peek podium finishes, just reinforced by a local hero win at the Spanish Grand Prix. As a two-time World Champion, he always catches the attention of racing fans adoring a passionate winner with that intense fire in his eyes for victory. And speaking of his eyes, Alonso is virtually NEVER seen without his Oakley sunglasses pre and post any race. This season’s favored spec for this driver is the Oakley style TwoFace with Violet Iridium lenses also sported in 20/20’s current SPECtator Sport feature in this issue.  
  —James J. Spina

Sport eyewear brands are keen when it comes to the powerful exposure motorsports has in the highly visible winner’s circles on a variety of racing circuits. Any given race day Sunday is filled with drivers sporting their shades for the brand-avid spectators. And the broadcast images get up close and personal with those drivers and their sun specs. Here Dario Franchitti celebrates his Indy 500 win with Oakley and 20/20, quite whitely so. —JJS