With a staff of MDs, optometrists and opticians offering an all-inclusive range of medical and visual services, the practitioners at Eyesight wanted to give their Portsmouth, N.H. headquarters a visual boost. Moving to a new larger location—one that was better suited to meet the needs of both doctors and patients—the group called on the expertise of Fashion Optical Displays to give the new dispensary and waiting area dimension and character.

The goal in the new space is to showcase a unique mix of designer frames and sunwear in an environment that is both modern and relaxed, upscale and inviting, but also accessible to patients via a floorplan that allows easy browsing either from the dispensary or the reception area.
The result: an intimate, zen-like atmosphere that very nearly defies its expansive layout and scope.

Founded by Dr. Richard Chace in 1983, the practice cares for the needs of over 100,000 patients in more than 50 communities in southern New Hampshire, northern Maine and northern Massachusetts. There are four Eyesight locations, including the new facility in Portsmouth. “Dr. Chace and his team were incredible to work with,” says Lori Estrada, designer for Fashion Optical Design. “We’ve been working together for 15 years and have designed four or five locations for them. They are very successful, very professional and very business-oriented. They know what they want, but are open to new ideas.”

“Open to new ideas” led to a modern and creative direction in the new dispensary. With a budget of $85,000 for displays and reception area furnishings, Eyesight choose classic cherry wood finishes in a light stain for a modern contemporary feel. Upholstery patterns are mixed and matched in soothing green and vibrant shades of brick, for an end result that is at once unique and appealing. “We worked closely with Dr. Chace and his wife. It was very much a collaborative effort,” adds Estrada.

Using a combination of cubbies, open shelving and frameboards, the majority of the inventory can be easily tried on by patients without having to track down someone to unlock a cabinet or reach behind a counter. Some of the more expensive frames, however, are kept secured.

Pendant lighting accents the interior and creates a focal point around a center island, which houses computer terminals, contact lenses and additional displays. “One of the great things about this location is the floorplan. They wanted the dispensary to be front and center, to be assessable; they wanted people to be able to browse while waiting for the doctor,” explains Estrada. “And they accomplished that seamlessly. The waiting room and the dispensary are very well incorporated.”

“This project was a lot of fun to work on,” agrees Ginny Standen, Eyesight’s practice administrator. “And we love the result. The time, effort and hard work we put into pulling it all together has benefited everyone. The patients are very impressed, and we feel we are better able to convey what we have to offer. Business has even picked up since we made the move.”