London ophthalmologist Julie Diem Le has collaborated with Italian eyewear designer Paolo Seminara to create Zoobug, a line of sunglasses for kids ages three to 15. “Young people’s eyes need protection from UV light even more so than adults,” says Le. “But there just isn’t the choice or quality out there to encourage them to wear sunglasses.” This sunwear is specifically designed to be durable, using polycarbonate lenses with 100 percent UV protection.

A second line, Flexibugs, targeted to kids ages three to eight, uses hypoallergenic silicone for the temples and adjustable nose pieces, making them flexible and comfortable for younger children. All the styles are Rxable and are available in bright color combinations to appeal to younger tastes. The cases come with wrap-around toys and a wrist or shoulder strap so they can be carried without being lost. For additional information, visit the web site at, or contact

—Lauren Taylor