… And don’t forget the right eyegear. Cyclists need and want eyewear with all the bells and whistles. Eyewear that protects them from wind and debris… that’s extremely lightweight and comfortable and keeps them at peak performance in all conditions. And they love a sleek, streamlined design that’s as aerodynamic as their helmets and bikes—a design that makes them look cool and see even better.

Photographed by NED MATURA
Clockwise from top left: ZYON from Rudy Project; V-TI from Smith Optics; REVOLVR from Wiley X Eyewear; ADIDAS a150/00 Supernova L from Silhouette Optical; NIKE VISION Impel Swift from Marchon Eyewear

  • Shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses
  • Excellent peripheral vision
  • Enhanced vision in all light conditions (interchangeable lenses: yellow and amber are ideal for low light situations)
  • Rxadaptability
  • Venting/anti-fog systems
  • Head-hugging design that fits comfortably with helmets