Singing puppets and blood-hungry vampires are just a few of the wacky, unexpected elements in the Kirk Originals 2008 film campaign. The new series of short films in the company’s advertising incentive capture the style of the brand with their humor and spunk. The movies employ the off-beat humor of brand designers Jason (top photo) and Karen Kirk, displaying the eyewear in obscure scenarios, while also educating audiences about the eyewear and navigation of their web site.  “Whenever we approach a new project such as the films, we try to get to the essence of Kirk Originals and translate that into the medium,” says managing director Jason Kirk. “A sense of irreverent fun combined with high-quality and serious products.”

    Put together by video artist and musician, Jon Klein, formerly of Siouxsie and the Banshees along with string duo, The McCarricks, the featurettes turn up the volume on the videos’ edgy appeal. Klein drew inspiration for the video’s artistic and musical aesthetic from the processes involved in the construction of the eyewear. “It was amazing the level of craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of these glasses,” he says. “On a creative level I loved the look and sounds of the tools and machines and shot them as close-up as possible. Some of them I’ve put to music and with others I’ve used the sounds of the machines to create the soundtrack to the films.” Kirk Originals has certainly taken originality to a whole new level.   
—Melissa Arkin