Still life photographed by NED MATURA

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Attitude, fortitude and... sportitude.

UNDER ARMOUR Gametime 0003/G/S from Safilo (on him);
UNDER ARMOUR Playmaker 0001/G/S from Safilo (on her)

NIKE Show X3 Elite L from Marchon Eyewear

X Marks the Spot

Sparks flew with excitement as Wiley X registered in a very positive way for 20/20 edit well over a decade ago. It was easy to relate to their commitment AND acceptance by the military as simple but assuredly high-performance eyewear with a definite sport agenda. There was also a definite focus on motorcycle and motorsport aficionados, and we still look back fondly on one of the most popular 20/20 magazine covers featuring NASCAR’s Joey Logano supporting a terrific conversation feature.

The layers of advancement for the brand have multiplied greatly over the years with highlights being classy protective eyewear, a special agenda for younger fans of the brand and great advances both in features and style enhancements. We are proud to present TWO styles here acknowledging Wiley X and their partnership support of our ongoing devotion to the ultimate in Sport Eyewear.

From top: OVATION from Wiley X; CLIMB from Wiley X

REVO Descend A from ClearVision Optical

FILA SF9483 from De Rigo Rem

AKAU from Maui Jim


Brand loyalty can sometimes be a bit finicky in the specific demographic space where it glows best. There’s no such problem for adidas… It appeals to ALL ages on the playing and lifestyle field of vision. And there are very specific reasons why that is so.

Over a broad range of products, this brand takes the time and utilizes their expertise in going for the best elements of performance, tech and style. And that focus goes from toe to head… athletic shoes to sport eyewear. With that in mind and in its new partnership with Marcolin, this double page solo spread nods with thanks as the beloved adidas brand steps up in support of 20/20’s commitment to the sport eyewear realm and its prime importance for eyecare pros.

ADIDAS 0015 from Marcolin

INVU 230 from Europa Eyewear

SPINSHIELD from Rudy Project

CHAMPION Grit from L’Amy America

SPEARO XL from Costa

SHAQ EYE GEAR 103Z from Zyloware

PRADA SPS 01X from Luxottica

SHIFT MAG from Smith Optics

LEADER Trail Blazer from Hilco Vision

PLAZMA from Oakley

CARRERA HyperFit 19/S from Safilo

PUMA 0312S from Kering Eyewear

Consider this a call to ACTION.

Although this is 20/20’s annual Sport Eyewear issue, you need to play the game daily with sport eyewear constantly on your agenda. This facet of the eyewear scenario sizzles for your customers. The broadest range of demographics relates to the performance, the tech and the brands, and the universal appeal of sport eyewear in all of its layers of attitude, fortitude and… SPORTITUDE.

The advantage is all yours, but the responsibility digs deep in your ability to understand the multiple performance advantages, the complex but fruitful spectrum of high-tech options, the numerous attributes availed by a variety of Rx options and the wealth of brand affinities.

You need to take on the responsibility as the ultimate coach in this endeavor to incorporate sport eyewear into your mix of offerings. You must be the expert. This is knowledge you own. Understand it from all angles and be ready with all the answers from fit to finish. Do not give this segment of the eyewear market away to specialty and big box retailers. Sport eyewear is in the justified realm of your ability and strength as an eyecare professional.

Get your game on and (Eye)wear it well.    

–James J. Spina