Photographed by Stephen Sullivan

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State of the Union

GenEYE declares the style of a frame is the MOST important ingredient of looking good. And make no mistake: This dramatic statement from Cinzia is GLOBAL in its eye appeal.

CINZIA DESIGNS 5005 from Europa International

Podium Position

She has seen it all. All the styles. All the shapes. And she still wants more. Something completely unique. Something totally hers. Something that says SHE is the champion. OK… Oakley.

OAKLEY OX1070 from Oakley

Clear Winner

Crystal combined with the legendary P3 shape commands a dominance in eyewear that is awesome and powerful in a manner befitting the heritage of BOTH of these classic trends.

HICKEY FREEMAN Bridgeport from Signature Eyewear

From top: EVOLUTION 6000 from Ogi Eyewear; TRUE RELIGION Casey from Revolution Eyewear; 600 SERIES 602 from Kaenon

From top: CANDIE'S Isla from Viva International Group; BIGGU MA2087 from Menizzi Eyewear; ISSY & LA Hype from Lafont

Private Club

Some say it is a clubman style. Others insist clubmaster. Some approach it in the combo of different zyl shades sharply fading top-to-bottom. Others go the more classic combo of zyl-to-metal route. In ANY case… GenEYE has an exclusive membership card stating: Eye Belong to This Club.

From left: RETRO 789 from Vivid Eyewear; DIANE VON FURSTENBERG 5028 from Marchon Eyewear

From top: JOE JOSEPH ABBOUD 4018 from Altair Eyewear; DANNY GOKEY 2 from Match Eyewear; ENGLISH LAUNDRY Burgess from Zimco Optics; QUIKSILVER QO3620 from A&A Optical

Left From top: FYSH 3466 from WestGroupe; PUMA 15365 from Charmant Group
Right: CAZAL 607 from Eastern States Eyewear and Ultra Palm Optical

Lab Partner

GenEYE is the perfect place to experiment with bold style moves such as mixing up and confidently blending color directions. The lucky combination or partnership here is that opti-standard of a Havana front courting rich gold-to-yellow stems.

LUCKY BRAND Porter from Rem Eyewear

From top: LEVI'S LS 599E from Eyewear Designs; CASINO Luke from i-dealoptics; NICOLE MILLER Baxter from L'Amy America

Rack It Up to Tortoise

So many different shades of Havana. On so many different sizes and shapes of frames. But it looks like tortoise's love affair with eyewear knows no bounds, and these his and her frames elect the mandate that gender poses no objection.

From left: EDDIE BAUER 8221 from New York Eye; GEEK Rad 09 from LBI

From top: CHESTERFIELD 849 from Sàfilo USA; ARGYLECULTURE BY RUSSELL SIMMONS Rollins from The McGee Group; ETCHED XP 608M from Zyloware; DKNY 5635 from Luxottica; KONISHI KF8341 from Clariti Eyewear

Shimmering Orb

No accessory does color shimmering better than eyewear. It's all about the light on that opti-object of affection.

FOURTH DIMENSION 4667 from ProDesign Denmark

From top: BCBGMAXAZRIA Charlene from ClearVision Optical; MANHATTAN DESIGN STUDIO S3261 from Aspex Eyewear Group

Big Shot's in Town

This one certainly screams IN your face and ON your face with a declaration that says large-sized frame fronts are NOW and... NOT SHY about it.

MARCO from Spy Optic