Am I allowed to put my rally cap on here and single out some individuals regardless of normal dictates about editorial impartiality? Oh. That’s right. I’m the editor-in-chief so until they hand me that pink slip I can put my foot in my mouth on a range of topics and get away with it.

Here goes. And please understand that if I am crushing any of your rules you, dear readers, are always free to break the code of silence with your position via response so easily accessed by emailing

I just finished reading senior editor Gloria Nicola’s feature interview in this issue with Silhouette executive director Arnold Schmied. Topics touched include some company history, the state-of-the-art on rimless eyewear as it relates to Silhouette and the position of this particular style of frame in the optical market and a concise look at how a particular company views its relationship with its customers and the people who actually wear Silhouette eyewear. My respect and admiration for the position of guidance and leadership offered by Schmied (and his family, deeply heritaged in the tradition of eyewear) is simply boundless.

He, in fact, uses the term “seeing without boundaries” to describe rimless eyewear. We stretch that to “Seeing in a World without Borders” in our headline and the energizing juice of the whole story as Arnold delivers it is an ambitious roadmap of the state-of-mind all players in the optical industry need to keep paramount as we navigate these universally challenging times.

Opportunities are always there and limitless in potential as long as our leaders remain fearless and focused. I intend to keep naming names of those I respect and acknowledge as our beacons of leadership in this world of sight. And both Arnold Schmied and his scribe in this particular instance, 20/20’s Gloria Nicola, top that list of limitless enablers.

James J. Spina