Kirk Originals takes their cinematography to France this time with a second short film, “Grab an Eiffel,” released this fall. Never lacking for creativity, the film “follows a surrealistic tale of a Parisian accordion player, love at first sight and a woodland lesson in optical sales environments.” The French setting (including the film’s title, cleverly punned from “Grab an Eyeful,” which is etched into each frame) pays homage to the French manufacture of the Kirk Originals frames. “We are proud to say that all Kirk Originals frames are entirely hand made in France from start to finish,” says managing director Jason Kirk. “This film emphasizes that fact and brings this message to life in a creative and humorous story with a twist of crème fraiche and a dash of cognac.”


“Grab an Eiffel” follows Kirk’s first and wildly successful video, “The Look of Love,” which features “a vampire-infested romp… ending with a high-energy musical road trip montage.” The film has received 100,000 views on YouTube since its launch this summer.    

—Melissa Arkin