Said it before and we’ll say it again: Best thing for 20/20 edit when it comes to picking a Frame-of-the-Month is… THERE ARE NO RULES. This Valentino style 2120 from Marchon plays perfectly on that. It is actually a face star from last month’s “Deluxe Redux” feature. It was a highlight of the shoot. It magically softened and melded the butterfly and cateye shape, and it did so with a metal frame that used color rather than engraving to deliver depth. In fact, the deep rose coloration offered a near classic-yet-reversed cloisonné detailing that perfectly enhances the brushed gold of the frame’s jewelry heritage.

Associate Editor Breanna Benz zoomed in on the stand-out beauty of this eyewear in her recent 20/20 Reporter’s Notebook, and it triggered the thought that the frame should have an added presence in print as we begin our 40th anniversary celebration. Any instance of Valentino signifies a chance to PARTY, so what better way to frame the New Year with THIS month’s Frame-of-the-Month.

— James J. Spina