Oddly, a 20/20 cover frame has never been a Frame-of-the-Month… UNTIL NOW. This month’s ProDesign “cover” eyewear hits iconic status via a hinge design that will surely flex its tech muscle far into the future of the whole optical arena. Readers actually experienced a first look at the masterful design in the recent March 15 20/20 What’s Brand New issue, and the details provided there prove the worthiness of this amazing eyewear. Mixing a flex function with a unique open/close rotation movement, this new swirvel hinge is being featured with both the acetate and metal styles in ProDesign’s Zense collection. The “movement” has a very organic feel to it. The sweep of the frame-to-hinge is acutely streamlined with no visible screws, grippy inner temple surfacing and bold-yet-face-friendly colorations. This frame design is a “keeper,” and ProDesign’s Lars Toftdahl assures 20/20 we’ll be seeing this swirvel action in a range of their future collections and materials.   

—James J. Spina