Anyone following along closely here might have noticed 20/20 is not overly concerned about having a super special Frame of the Month EVERY month. That wouldn’t be cool, proper, right or just. It would become a requirement with deadlines and quantitative measurements, and committee votes with all sorts of dull and boring specifics that could turn a Ferrari FF into a Toyota Corolla.

No, no, no, no. A frame has to be really unique with a parlay of facts AND fancies that make it dominate any random or specific gathering of eyewear. And the criteria would likely get even more critical in a time period where the 20/20 editors are considering the category of Our Eyewear with its emphasis on specs with a specific and honorable eyewear heritage untouched or tempered by designer or lifestyle branding.

Still with us? We hope so because Ogi’s Seraphin style Niles is an experience everyone needs in order to understand the epiphany that comes from a pair of glasses truly steeped in eyewear’s best traditions, and yet eyewear that stands well above and beyond the realm of just being a pair of glasses.

Just look at it: A simple saddle bridge unassisted by superfluous nosepads, yet regal in its intrinsic ability to comfortably stance perched on that concise valley where northern brow meets southern proboscis. Metal (titanium, of course, of course) gold in tone gated by a quiet burnish, casting a regal antiquity to the optical festivities. Engraving on the rim and temple that is so slight as to be nearly stealth. Cable temples with a metal twist technique that is classically useful yet quietly hidden behind (and fully around) the back of the ear. Temple tips? Shhhh. The securing caps are THAT small.

Let me be blunt. I want these frames. I shall have these frames. And 20/20 can now borrow them as they become this month’s… Frame of the Month.         
—James J. Spina