Excitement exceeds agenda. The plan was a careful debut of this new 20/20 Upfront feature in the upcoming March “Expo” issue. Lots of fanfare. Perhaps a celebratory event. At best a parade. At least some silly party hats. But then… this amazing Vera Wang Miela from Kenmark showed up in our product review and we just KNEW… It was time to nominate the first ever, but certainly not last… Frame of the Month.

Now anyone concluding that this new highlighted spec each month needs to be the cover frame should be corrected immediately. In any monthly deadline and issue cycle the edit team reviews hundreds of eyeglasses. We note new collections, review specific category selections for various monthly features and edit our way through every entry in 20/20’s signature New Products section.

A month rarely goes by without our witnessing a frame that staggers us with creativity, quality and groundbreaking resonance. And said frame doesn’t always make the cover but it DOES infuse all of our editors and art directors with a wallop of energy and excitement. THAT’s what we want to capture here for you with Frame of the Month. At this point it won’t be a regular monthly feature. Why? Well, quite honestly it doesn’t always happen.

This month it does. And this month it IS our cover frame with a unique marbleEYEzed, gold-toned clip-on ornamentation that literally can take the frame from day (with all its inherent simple duties like driving, shopping, strolling) to night (roll out that Red Carpet) with a flair and fandango that virtually screams “Eye AM this month’s 20/20 Frame of the Month!”

Coulda; Shoulda; Woulda; for to you get where we’re going here, we’ve included some eyewear in 20/20’s recent past from Teka, Kaenon and Cinzia that would certainly have been contenders in this new feature. And be sure to keep a socialEYEzing eye out for the exclusive 20/20 Reporter’s Notebook (available as an online newsletter) where you’ll be able to track and perhaps be part of the selection process in narrowing in on eyewear with a perfect vision in YOUR future.        

—James J. Spina