Kids spend more time on the go and interact with technology at school and during "downtime." What steps should be taken to protect their vision?

Today's kids are digital natives; they have never known a time when computers, tablets and smartphones weren't available for communication, games and information. Therefore, they use and access a variety of electronic devices for extended hours. This can result in digital eyestrain, caused by images that are often small and too close. In addition, many of these devices emit higher levels of high-energy, short-wavelength blue light.

Consider two new lens technologies when ordering eyewear for the technology-attached child. First, new lenses for digital eyestrain add a small amount of plus power (0.5D to 0.9D) to the lower portion of the lens. The choice of power, determined in concert with the doctor, reduces the demand on accommodation and convergence. Next convert your premium AR to one that attenuates short-wavelength blue light. These new AR treatments can be added to any lens and reduce the harmful blue light by about 10 perfect. Consider these new AR lenses as a replacement for the premium AR now used. These new coatings meet your scratch, cleaning and durability expectations for children's eyewear.