From top: JHANE BARNES Geometry Titanium from Couteur Designs/A Division of Kenmark Group; HUMMER EYEGEAR 2044 from Signature Eyewear; RAY from Lafont; FENDI 007M from Marchon Eyewearn

Men—just like women—are intrigued by fashionable details and texturing on their eyeglasses—as long as they are subtle. They love that tweed in a favorite sports coat. They're most comfortable with a familiar check shirt pattern. And lately those tiny intricate prints are the hot trend in neckties. Don't be surprised to see these patterns—and many others— replicated in the newest eyeglass frames.


This information is provided by VisionWatch, a study conducted by Jobson/VCA, is based on a sample size of 100,000 respondents, covers a 12-month period ending June 2006 and includes the percentage of men using the following products:

    Rx Eyeglasses 62.4%
    Readers 14.7%
    Computer Eyewear 4.8%
    Sunglasses 83.1%
    Sunglass Clips 13.5%
    Contact Lenses 14.8%

Tie courtesy of Robert Talbott, (800) 747-8778 ;

Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA   •   Photographed by Ned Matura