There is one final critical step to adjusting kid's frames: educating the parents. Let the parents know what to look for when the glasses get out of adjustment, so they know when to come back in to have them readjusted. Although it may seem obvious, they should know that glasses need to stay put and not slide down. Also, light marks on the nose are common, but should be symmetrical and go away shortly after the glasses are off. They should also be on the lookout for marks behind the ears. Let them know to come back in before things get so bad that the child starts removing the glasses to relieve the discomfort, or worse, Dad takes his own pliers to them.

Danielle Crull, ABOM, owns A Child's Eyes, an independent optical store specializing in pediatrics in south central Pennsylvania. She became a Master Certified Optician in 1997, and her thesis topic concerned the differences between dispensing to children and adults. She lives in Dillsburg, Pa., with her husband and three children, all of whom work in her business.