The transit workers’ strike may have made traffic a little lighter than usual, but the 40th annual Silmo exhibition in Paris was certainly not light on trends. A stroll down the Forum de L’Avenue at this year’s Silmo highlighted some key eye stylings to watch:

Origins: Natural materials and natural form give frames a look much like dainty branches or sturdy roots. Think textures such as smooth polished woods or rough looking veneers.

Urban Eden: Design that is ecological in its aesthetic. A true concrete jungle where frames flourish with artificial and natural lines creating a pleasant surprise much like a flower growing through the cracks of a sidewalk.

Love Laces: Intertwined delicate sculptures. Lacing unfurls on temples creating elegant curves or sculpted, structured lines.

Equation: A harmony of contrasts. Patterns, bold graphics and sandwiched bands of color on both plastics and metals, create eyewear that is avant-garde and innovative.

And if you’re seeking inspiration for next year and beyond, look no further than Paris herself, where strolling the streets, spending time in one of the many museums or just sitting in a café can provide fodder for an entire collection.

—Jackie Micucci