All dressed up and plenty of places to go. With its beautifully refined filigree ornamentation, this is just the eyewear for life’s special moments. And paired with clean, modern frame fronts,these are glasses that can go anywhere—proudly.

From top: MONTBLANC 152 from Marcolin USA;ELIZABETH ARDEN PETITES 63 from Eyewear Designs; THALIA Rocio from Kenmark Group

Filigree is a delicate ornamental work made with twisted threads usually in gold or silver, suggesting lace. Used since antiquity—filigree work dates from 3000 B.C.—it reached a high point during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. The romanticism and detail of antique filigree jewelry has made it continue to be widely popular through the present day.