In response to demand for a fresh, new look in hardwood dispensary furnishings, Fashion Optical Displays is manufacturing more furniture using natural cherry hardwood. This month the company releases the Legacy Collection, its most popular traditional line of furnishings, in natural finished cherry. Fashion Optical offers many styles of dispensary and backroom furnishings, most of which can be manufactured in cherry.

“Using a natural finish on the cherry really brings out the beauty of the wood, which enriches over time,” says Dan Sloan of Fashion Optical Displays’ Design Team. “Some hardwoods seem to rise and fall in popularity, but the look of cherry is timeless.”

MARKETING: Fashion Optical has offered crafted furnishings in sustainable, plantation-grown hardwoods for more than 30 years. For additional information, contact Fashion Optical Displays, (800) 824-4106; web site:

TIP: Cherry hardwood is versatile enough to be used when creating either a contemporary or traditional look. Combined with laminates and interior colors and textures, the possibilities are endless.