Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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Hello America. It’s the new Alan J Collection from Europa with a debut Made in America. The eyewear speaks to this Chicagoland heritage of a man, his family, his city, his country and his drive to resolve challenges with bold new steps.

ALAN J 100 from Europa International

Stylish COMBO-nation

And by that we mean this well crafted joining of a clubman style with a bright prepster shape.

RANDY JACKSON 1093 from Zyloware

The Red See

Let’s face it: No arena delivers a depth of red shades more bountiful than optical.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Eva from Silhouette

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Such a perfect dual-personality face statement.

SERAPHIN Burns from Ogi Eyewear

Bright Eyez

The wispy turquoise rim gracefully emblazons this unique wide-eyed shape.

SMITH from Andy Wolf Eyewear

Bone Chillin’

With its crystal under rim and striated CatEye topping, this is easily the State of the Art for women’s eyewear.

BERWYN from State Optical

A Material Witness…

… to the frame-in-a-frame opti-genre.

KOALI 20029K from Morel

His Incredible Lightness of Being…

… Modo. Nice new place of white framing for men.

MODO 4419 from Modo

Bold Faced

This substantial zyl style gets a touch of lightheartedness from its metal brow bar.

BOSS BY HUGO BOSS 1001 from Safilo

Aqua Show

That sea blue dip enlightens this “clubwoman” identity.

OCEAN RIDGE from Costa