Brit invasion rockers are nothing new to these shores but Edward Rogers is unique. He came (to these shores as a 12-year-old), he saw (the first few waves of his Brit compatriots wrecking sweet sounding havoc in America) and years later he conquers with his own brand of Anglo-Americanized musings. Rogers was featured in last December’s “Music in Their Eyes” men’s eyewear feature, and once again he proved skillful when it came to absorbing just the right trending. His new CD “Porcelain” (Zip Records, available at boasts a dramatic pic/collage art treatment of Ed in a pair of Andy Wolf frames suggested to him via 20/20.    
—James J. Spina

Lafont’s Ray Khalil had no idea his guitar prowess would ever land him on the cover of last year’s “Music in Their Eyes” December feature. And 20/20 had no idea we’d see variations of Ray’s portrait wearing his Jazz Club frame posted at the Lafont booth at a variety of optical trade fairs. Eyewear and music make for inspirational images.