Eyenovate presents Chemistrie SunLenses, an economical alternative to Rx sunwear. Chemistrie SunLenses are drilled rimless and click on to the primary lenses with a magnetic, “self-aligning design” that consists of a rigid titanium bridge and flexible lenses with virtually invisible built-in magnets. The lenses are customizable for any frame type, including metal, zyl, threepiece drill mounts, semi-rimless and grooves, and because there is no pressure between the ophthalmic lens and the magnet, they are compatible with any lens material (except glass and acrylic). The SunLenses also feature a “base-curvematched” to the ophthalmic lenses, eliminating intra-lens glare and rubbing and scratching, weigh less than one gram and can be applied with two fingers. Chemistrie is available in 16 polarized lens colors. Swarovski crystals are an option and offered in 12 colors. The magnets are round or square and come in gold, silver and gunmetal.

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include an acrylic display with a full set of mirrored and non-mirrored lenses, demonstrator frame, Swarovski crystal display and View Master with reel. The lenses come with a soft case.

PHILOSOPHY: “The goal of Eyenovate is to provide innovative and practical products that simplify the lives of optical industry providers and their customers,” says Dennis Zelazowski, chief innovation officer for Eyenovate.

PRICE POINT: $$$. For additional information, visit www.eyenovate.com or www.chemistrieeyewear.com

Chemistrie eliminates the need to stock product and use out-of-pocket money. The lenses can be ordered directly from the lab.