Parting Glance

So we hope everyone has heard about the move of CBGBs from New York’s Bowery to the Las Vegas strip. If not, please let 20/20 fill you in. There once was this hell-hole of a rock club where numerous rock legends such as The Ramones, Talking Heads and Patti Smith soared to infamy. CBGBs was a . It smelled. The sound system was horrific. And as the years wore on the aura wore thin as countless would-be-punk-posers blared briefly (and badly) before beginning somber careers as dyslectic accountants. One wonders if our sadly missed spex-star, Joey Ramone, would ever even foot in the soon-to-be-recreated Vegas CBGBs. Gabba, Gabba, HOPE NOT.

—James J. Spina