Certain staffers here have a Butch-bias as in... Butch Walker. So after they ranted about what a gifted musician he is 20/20 decided it needed to set him up with some raging, cool eyewear. He loved the white-light, white heat Nautica frames they “faced” on him after a recent gig.

This former frontman of alterna-pop-miesters Marvelous 3, has been solo since 2002, with four CDs under his belt. Walker has also written and produced for Pink, Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry. Grabbing numerous Grammy nominations, he was Rolling Stone’s “Hot Producer of the Year” in 2005. But... Walker’s true passion lies in his music. His latest album, Sycamore Meadows, gets powerful and personal especially on the subject of losing one’s home as Walker did in the Malibu fires. Walker has gained a fiercely loyal fan base over the past decade, a tight-knit group who often make it a mission to travel miles to catch him at multiple stops on his tours. He interacts heavily with his fans, greeting and hanging out with them after his shows. And when it comes to eyewear... he is totally there, ready to frame the world with fan-atical devotion to his followers.

—Christine Yeh