Bass players: Can’t live without them and... can’t live without them. When it comes to rock and roll THAT is basically the deal. And one of the best bottom lines in that particular arena has been Kasim Sulton since the tender age of 16 when the infamous Warhol/Bowie protégée Cherry Vanilla enlisted him into her early ’70s seminal glam rock profoundly influencing legends from Blondie to Patti Smith. Sulton’s next solid gig was a stint with Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, making progressive inroads that shattered notions of rock as a simplistic dummy, downbeat. That partnership has recently seen renewed interest and a live tour profile, but Sulton has also stayed solo busy with both a recent CD (pictured) and also a DVD “Kasim Sulton Live In Atlanta.” All well and good but made even better by his absolute fixation on amazing eyewear. Look for future updates in 20/20’s Hall of Frames but for now check out his latest favorite face art: You’S Eyeworks the Netherlands, Style 463. He even told us the color: 61. How’s that for an eyewear insider?    

—James J. Spina