We’re going to kick up the heat on music-makers and their “seen” profile over these next few months. (Oh... like that music undercurrent isn’t already rampant in 20/20 already Spina?) Musicians seem to lead the parade in understanding that the right shades and the perfect frames identify their personalities as leaders in the pop culture parade. Yeah, yeah, yeah... we see all those red carpet celebs decked in dashing designer sun (directly lifted from their newly acquired swag bags) but there is something eye-fetching about a rock performer decking the mystery of a song with eyewear. The tradition goes way back but the sun-union is now rampant. So welcome to Eye Sings the Songs in 20/20.

Amanda Thorpe, eye-spied  here in her personal Pucci shades is an intense balladess in her own right and also a key ingredient in the Bedsit Poets whose two CDs of regal pop prowess garnered rave reviews in the British music press. She has an extensive vintage collection of all things Pucci and 20/20 is looking to feature Thorpe in some spectacular upcoming photo shoot features.   
—James J. Spina