I guess it had to happen sooner or later. This issue marks the first cover of 20/20 showing someone NOT wearing glasses. If you think we’re opening the door on that scenario STOP RIGHT THERE. From here on eyewear and sunwear will once again be a cover requirement with NO exceptions and NO excuses.

Of course there are those of you who will say that we took the step this time because Stella happens to be the daughter of some bass player from some group that massively impacted pop culture. They would be right... and wrong. As our insider cover story details, Stella McCartney would have been a powerful inspiration within the world of fashion design even if her surname was... Spina. And timing being what it is, the actuality of sunwear for her to wear was just slightly behind the pace of building this exclusive 20/20 story.

We finally did secure some precious actual examples of the new Stella McCartney collection from Luxottica and you are witness to that on 20/20’s inimitable cover flap. We think it’s pretty hot stuff and ditto to being quite unique in this world of intense sunwear style competition. These new Stella suns are shades that get noticed with a trend impact as exciting as it is timely.

And when it comes right down to it, that’s what 20/20 is all about. Excitement. Timeliness. And getting noticed for all the right reasons. So thanks to Stella for giving us a chance to strut our stuff in yet another new and unique way. And on that note, stay tuned because especially in the next few months you are about to witness some equally impressive feats of daring and doing on our part as the leading publication in the optical arena. We intend to start hitting so hard even consumers are going to get the message. With all of our “socializing” online with Facebook, Twitter and our ever-evolving web site, 20/20 intends to take the eyewear message to a whole new level of LOUD. Keep both your ears and eyes opened. And put some glasses on Stella. I think you are going to like what you can see. And don’t forget to tell your dad, “We love Paul.”

James J. Spina