Along with her humor, business intelligence and no-nonsense work ethic, Practice Advancement Associates marketing manager Courtney Murphy’s command of cooking won over the hearts and stomachs of the 20/20 staff. She breezes into the office with flaky goodies for birthdays, celebrations and no occasion at all. After office hours you’ll find her coaching New Yorkers on hand-crafting spreads from Italian to sushi at a culinary studio in Chelsea and taking any opportunity to whip something up for her extended Irish family.

She stays tuned-in to the insight of her friends who make a study of style and remains flexible to the whims of our moody New York City weather, keeping her personal fashion casual in muted blazers and upbeat sundresses. Courtney laid eyes on her frame like so many other Jobsonites—cruising the Vision Expo floor with a keen eye for new opti-obsessions where she found Vera Wang optical style V069 from Kenmark Group.       
—Breanna Benz