Amanda Austin’s favorite aspect of being part of our multitalented marketing team is reigning supreme over the balancing act between departments crafting communication campaigns, strategic e-blast schedules and large-scale industry events. Amanda constantly cycles through many hats but always trusts her vision to cute cateye clubmans to help get the job done.

We introduce you to Amanda in her Lucky Brand style Pearl glasses from Rem Eyewear fit by 20/20’s own Mark Mattison-Shupnick, resident profferer of expert opti-opinions. Amanda’s been sporting specs since college, where she followed a unique trail to optical, studying equine communications (you read that right) and spends days outside the office with her adopted canine buddy “Buddy,” her and her husband’s four-legged “fur baby.” This eternal animal lover is quick to smile and entertains with well-hidden witticism while reining in projects that turn out marketing magic.

—Breanna Benz