As the managing editor of Review of Optometric Business, Margery takes the lead on the weekly online publication’s design, layout, photography and writing. The highly creative maven also energizes her artistic élan outside the office through her brimming literary blog of short stories, free-form poetry and creative journaling.

She’s declared her style “princess bohemian,” with inspiration from a mélange of vintage fashion, music and art, including ’60s rock ’n’ roll and bold-hued pop art. Matching her feminine-with-a-twist flair, Margery opted for soft opal and gray Dior style CD3179 from Sàfilo USA with trendy, oversized Transitions Vantage polarized lenses.

Seemingly shy at first, this retro-influenced risk taker accessorizes to the beat of her own drum. She’s got moxie for brave fashion statements, chunky patterns and bright colors—her fascinating passion for fashion adds another bright facet to our gallery of innovative style-makers.               
—Breanna Benz