(OK… OK!... We cheated slightly. Here’s an Eye Nominate NOT pulled from the ranks of 20/20 or Jobson employees. But how could we resist? Shuler is high profile when it comes to specs. As an example, there is a Facebook page specifically devoted to folks who have worked or work at 20/20, and somehow/someway Jody joined up on that page. We’ll return to our own team next month but give Jody a look and ALWAYS love someone willing to strike a pose in glasses.)
—James J. Spina, 20/20 Ed-in-Chief

At his small-town optical shop in Watertown, N.Y., Jody says his work is made easy and enjoyable by talented labs and eyewear designers, and he takes pride in the chance to promote fashion and function to his loyal patrons. Jody’s a seasoned specs pro—he’s been in the optical industry for 22 years in every function of an opti-junkie and thrives on Facebook’s Luxury Eyewear Forum, sharing his expertise and eyewear with the community.

For his 20/20 debut, this eye expert was thrilled at the chance to show off his new ÖGA KROK 2 style 7047 from Morel Eyewear, with a tech-forward clear acetate front and blue-silver aluminum temples. His lenses, from Digital eye Lab, offer a silver gradient flash mirror for a clean and unique look, with Claris HD coating on the backside of the Digital 5.0 GPAL lenses. Jody usually opts for black acetate frames but for his sixth pair of specs, he envisioned a different look to mix into his ample optician’s collection.  
—Breanna Benz